Your $345 solution to problem tenants in Milwaukee County.

Services Offered

We are not filing new evictions due to the Coronavirus crisis.

So what do I do now if my tenant isn't paying or is causing problems?

Communication is key now more than ever. Start by talking to your tenants (nicely, of course). Find out what their intentions are. Landlords can request mediation or more information on mediation through Mediate Milwaukee or by calling 414-939-8800 or emailing apply@mediatemilwaukee.com. Sooner is better. Applying for mediation before an eviction action offers the most benefit, but they offer the service even after an eviction is filed.

About Easy Evict

We began EasyEvict in 2004, in response to the Court requiring owners that held their properties in LLCs to use an attorney for Milwaukee County evictions. We were already using attorneys for our management properties, so we had the processes and resources in place.

The law has changed and do it yourself evictions are now permitted regardless of how you hold title. However, evictions are still a lot of hassle and running around. And it is good to have an experienced attorney there if things get tough

Tips for Do It Yourself Eviction

You can do your own eviction without an attorney

There are a few places to find good information on Wisconsin evictions, notices and other landlord and property management issues. Check out Tim Ballering's JustaLandlord.com , Tristan Pettit's Landlord Tenant Law Blog and a good resource from the Milwaukee Courts



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